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Who We Are

VirtualGuarding.com was formed through a longstanding partnership of experienced technology, law enforcement, and security guard firms. VirtualGuarding.com provides clients with constant 24/7 security, at the fraction of the cost of traditional security guards. We serve in a wide variety of markets including K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare, municipalities, HOA’s, gated community, car dealerships, commercial buildings, and many more. We take pride in our vast client base, knowing we can help serve clients in any market.

With the expertise, technology, and mindset cultivated by years of experience, VirtualGuarding.com provides your business with the best remote technology solutions, backed by extensive support and peace-of-mind knowing your facility is utilizing 24/7 monitoring by top professionals.

Our Latest Award!

Best Security Operations Center (SOC)



VirtualGuarding.com designs custom security solutions for your unique property requirements. Each camera is installed with advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence utilizing best-in-class technology.


Cost Reduction

Through the power of our proprietary technology, human capital and reduction in guard force, VirtualGuarding.com delivers the best in class on-site security systems. Cost reduction is achieved by eliminating or modifying guard force overhead and surveillance equipment & maintenance.


Better Security

VirtualGuarding.com allows for 24/7/365, artificial intelligence, and video analytics powered security. Live guards take breaks, look away, fall asleep. VirtualGuarding.com provides peace of mind, ensuring your facility will be safe and secure.

What is VirtualGuarding.com?

VirtualGuarding.com gives you peace of mind knowing you have constant 24/7 security, at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you have all eyes on your business with a virtual security team remotely monitoring your property. Your facility receives 360 degrees of security with advanced features such as immediate live audio trespasser deterrents, remote door monitoring for unsecured entrances and exits, as well as the hybrid use of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. These virtual security guards are stationed at our Virtual Guarding Command Center live to monitor your property. If immediate assistance is needed, our highly trained remote security guards address events by utilizing two-way communication, by dispatching an on-site guard, or by dispatching local law enforcement authorities. Emergency applications can also be applied for communication via smartphones to any employee or resident. With VirtualGuarding.com, we guard more, you spend less.

Our Team of Experts

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Our Dedicated Clients

VirtualGuarding.com takes pride in our ability to diversify our services to fit the needs of our clients. Our versatility and expertise allow us to craft custom-designed security systems and protocols made to fit your needs because we know that no two companies are the same.