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According to the National Equipment Register (NER) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), construction site theft costs the industry between $300 million to $1 billion annually in the United States alone

Virtual Guarding is essential on construction sites due to the numerous risks and challenges associated with these environments. Construction sites are often large, complex, and continuously changing, making them susceptible to theft, vandalism, and safety violations. Virtual Guarding, which leverages advanced technologies like surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and real-time monitoring systems, provides a proactive solution to these issues. Unlike traditional security methods, Virtual Guarding offers 24/7 surveillance and immediate response capabilities, ensuring that any suspicious activity or unauthorized access is promptly detected and addressed.

Additionally, we enhance worker safety by monitoring for OSHA & PPE compliance with safety protocols, through identifying potential hazards before accidents occur. This level of oversight not only ensures a secure and compliant work environment, reduces risk and insurance liabilities, but safeguards valuable equipment and materials. From breaking ground to site turnover, Virtual Guarding provides continuous protection, significantly reducing costs associated with security personnel and preventing losses due to theft or damage.


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Intelligent live video monitoring for construction sites.

Virtual Guarding provides 360 degrees of security monitoring for construction sites. We begin by establishing an invisible perimeter around the site with our high-definition security cameras, and then monitor those cameras live with our hybrid use of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Through AI we can verify site PPE monitoring and personnel are compliant with current OSHA regulations. These remote security guards are stationed at our Virtual Guarding Command Center to monitor your property 24/7.


A network of strategically placed cameras and sensors ensures continuous surveillance of the site by remote guards. These cameras feature motion detection, night vision, and real-time streaming, enabling guards to observe and respond to any suspicious activity immediately. In case of a security breach, remote guards can communicate directly with onsite personnel or law enforcement through loudspeakers or other communication devices. This method not only enhances security but also reduces the need for physical guards, cutting costs and minimizing human error. By leveraging technology, Virtual Guarding offers a comprehensive and efficient solution to protect construction sites around the clock.