Meet The Team

Virtual Guarding is staffed with trained professionals here to assist you with your onsite security needs. Our members enable clients to deploy an advanced team of fully trained and licensed security guards offering a proactive security solution. Our team is fully committed to delivering a safer and more cost-effective security solution for our clients.

Board Chairman

David Antar


David Antar serves as Board Chairman for, a leading provider of virtual security services. A longtime leader in the technology and security sectors, Antar began his entrepreneurial journey in 1989 when he founded A+ Technology & Security Solutions, a reseller of cutting-edge technology products. The company has since grown to be a premier regional systems integrator of Security, IT Infrastructure, and Audio-Video solutions. Antar moved on to establish a strong portfolio of companies that include A+STEM Labs, an innovator in STEM teaching technologies for the modern-day classroom; A+ Virtual Learning, a remote learning provider of virtual education services; and IPVideo Corporation, a manufacturer of security solutions best known for its flagship HALO IoT Smart Sensor that detects real-time health and safety threats. IPVideo Corporation is today a Motorola Solutions Company after being acquired in 2023. Antar serves as General Manager of Motorola Solutions’ IPVideo products division where he continues his mission to help make the world a smarter, safer and healthier place.



General Manager

Charlie Fleischman

 Charlie Fleischman, currently serving as the General Manager for Virtual Guarding. Charlie completed a 22- year U.S. Navy career as a fighter pilot retiring as a commander. Beginning his corporate journey as Managing Director at Cantor Fitzgerald, Charlie made significant strides by spearheading the development of the world’s first electronic futures exchange. Then, Charlie became the President & CEO of Centronex LLC. where he introduced new technologies and capabilities to the retail and banking industry. Charlie then spent 10 years as a founder and CTO of Kestrel Enterprises Inc., here he engineered the groundbreaking Kestrel TAC analytic software for real time data monitoring. After Boeing’s acquisition of Kestrel, he assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer leading their Intelligence Systems Group. Prior to Virtual Guarding, he was the co-founder and COO of pdActive and DC Analytics, specializing in Artificial Intelligence-based video analytics.


Sales Director

Steven McCory


Steven McCory holds the position of Sales Director at Virtual Guarding. Prior to Stevens entrance into the corporate world, Steven is a combat Veteran of the U.S. Army and served in Afghanistan and a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. With a rich professional background spanning 14 years, Steven has been instrumental in delivering enterprise-level security solutions. He has garnered extensive experience through diverse roles within several national companies with global reach. Steven received the inaugural SIA’s “25 on the Rise” award in leadership in October of 2023. Regarding physical security, Steven served as a Security Training Officer for municipal School Districts, collaborating closely with law enforcement on emergency management, training, and oversight. Additionally, Steven has a keen ability in performing risk and vulnerability assessments. Steven’s dedication to excellence is evident in his extensive portfolio of over 160 professional certifications and credentials, encompassing project management and various facets of the security industry.