Concealed Weapons Detection and Loss Prevention System.

Completely passive - safe for all speedy throughput reduces need for pat downs

"The system’s capability of recording its findings allowing for the documentation of events is a security bonus. The user-friendly ease of monitoring the foot traffic entering our facility contributes to the heightened sense of security for our staff and clients. The staff operating the system report it is a welcome upgrade to our previous unit."
Chief Francesca Jones
Management Services Bureau, County Of Los Angeles Probation Department

ViewScan is the most technologically advanced and safe weapons detection and loss prevention system. Its easy-to-use, PC-based software displays and tracks those who are leaving or entering with potentially stolen items or weapons. ViewScan accurately detects the location and number of objects hidden on a person, including those hidden in shoes and inside the body, giving an exact pinpoint location of each object, reducing the need for pat-downs and significantly decreasing screening time. Every person safely passing through the portal is scanned and can be archived with the following data: snapshot image of the person, date and time, threshold settings, sensor readings, and graphical display.

How ViewScan is Helping the World Around Us

Concealed Weapon Detection

ViewScan stands out from the common grievances and complaints many have about weapon detection equipment and sets a new bar of expectations. ViewScan is a completely passive weapons detection system that does not emit radiation and is safe for all to go through. With an intuitive user interface, advanced imaging technology, and speedy throughput, ViewScan is ideal for any facility looking for added security and safety.

Loss Prevention

While ViewScan’s primary function is to detect weapons, many facilities have also implemented it into their loss prevention protocols. ViewScan’s sensor technology accurately detects the location and number of objects such as guns, knives, or stolen property. It can also detect any objects that may have been masked by materials, such as aluminum foil or plastic. Traditional security scans or other loss prevention procedures can take up time, especially during busy hours when many people are entering and exiting the facility. ViewScan can scan people entering and exiting instantly, versus creating a line of people going through for pat-downs or traditional metal detectors. One electronics distribution center that implemented ViewScan even saw an elimination of unproductive payroll by 75% due to the efficiency of ViewScan.

See why ViewScan is the best solution for your Concealed Weapon Detection and Loss Prevention System.

Security Comes First with ViewScan

With ViewScan, facilities are receiving:

  • Completely Passive System – does not emit radiation. Safe for all including those with medical devices or who may be pregnant.

  • Speedy Throughput – scan all visitors entering or exiting quickly, eliminate lost employee productivity, and improve screening experience.

  • Image & Data Archiving – record user readings, flag daily anomalies and review data from previous scans.

  • Browser-Based User Interface – monitor unit from any PC on the network and integrate with Security Management Systems.

  • Pinpoint Location of Each Object – reduce the need for pat-downs. View the exact location of objects on a person in the image snapshot.

  • Avoids Precious Metals – avoids detection of all non-ferrous metals like gold and silver while identifying all ferrous metallic objects.


Safe Skies Tested!

Safe Skies is an independent third-party non-profit organization funded by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct rigorous and thorough tests to detect threats and security systems’ reliability and maintainability. ViewScan has been tested and is available to qualified personnel at US commercial-service airports!